Privacy Statement


Due to the subject matter of OverSeasPharmacy, many visitors are concerned about maintaining their privacy and anonymity while browsing the site/forum. This document explains when and why we might store information about you without your explicit consent, and how you can prevent such information from being recorded.

IP Logging: Your IP address is like your telephone number on the internet. It may change from time to time, but while you have it, it's unique to your computer. IP addresses can be used to determine the identity of your ISP (internet service provider), and to discover its general geographic location. Your ISP keeps log files which can be used to match your IP address with your account information.

Like most websites, OverSeasPharmacy maintains an access log which includes IP address information. This is done for our security and yours. These logs are deleted from the server periodically, but we make no specific guarantees about their longevity -- This information such as IP address and these particular practices are similar if not exact to every other modern database driven forum/website on the internet. We reserve the right to log IPs at any time. To prevent your IP address from being logged you must access the site through a proxy server. The site's functionality may be impaired when using a proxy.

Technical Information: Our access logs also contain technical information about our users' computers, including (but not limited to) their browsers, operating systems, and what sites referred them to OverSeasPharmacy. Technical information is retained and used by OverSeasPharmacy to improve site compatibility and guide development. It may be shared in aggregate with third parties, but no personally identifiable information will be made available. To clarify -- This is traffic data primarily, e.g; how many members, total impressions, and so forth. Again, no personal information related to *you* as a human being will ever be presented. To prevent technical information about your computer from being logged you must access the site using a proxy server or a third party web anonymizer. The site's functionality may be impaired when technical information about the user's computer is not available.

Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of data which OverSeasPharmacy stores on your hard drive. The cookies we set can only be read by OverSeasPharmacy - your web browser will not allow any other site to access the data. Cookies have an expiration date, so that they don't stay on your hard drive indefinitely. Your browser automatically deletes cookies which have expired.

OverSeasPharmacy sets many cookies to enhance the browsing experience. They are used to store user preferences, technical data, and for statistical tracking. You can prevent OverSeasPharmacy from setting cookies on your hard drive by configuring your web browser to reject cookies, to prompt you before accepting them, or by installing a third party cookie utility. The site's functionality WILL be impaired when cookies are disabled.

Third Parties: Like many websites, OverSeasPharmacy may display ads which are provided by third parties and hosted on domains we do not control. In such a situation, the third party would be capable of logging your IP and technical information when the ad is displayed. We will only accept hosted ads from established, responsible third parties who themselves have a published privacy policy. To prevent third party advertisers from receiving your information, you must access the site through a proxy server. Alternately, supporters have the option of disabling all banner advertising.

Usage: OverSeasPharmacy will never sell, give, share or transfer any information we collect about our users, except as outlined below:

OverSeasPharmacy is not hosted in the United States. In the event that we are served with a legal subpoena, we may provide the information as required by law. If a user is engaged in activities which may cause serious harm to our servers or community, we reserve the right to file a report with the user's ISP and any applicable authorities. If we have reason to believe that a user may be in imminent danger of harming him or herself, or others, we reserve the right to share any identifying information with police, emergency services, and anyone else in a position to render assistance. We may provide aggregate user information to third parties such as advertisers, but no personally identifiable information will be made available. OverSeasPharmacy is very concerned with maintaining our users' privacy and we are constantly striving to create a secure and anonymous environment.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.