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Thread: Making A Kratom Extract!

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    Dr. Who Guest

    Default Making A Kratom Extract!

    This is just a simple method for making a basic Kratom extract using water.
    A lot of people already come close to the final product by making Kratom tea, this is just a few extra steps that can be added to turn Kratom leaf/powder into a Resin extract which can then be used as is or ground into a powder.

    Many people find the taste of dried Kratom leaf to be too much to take, others don't want to have to ingest so much material.
    The Dr finds the taste of the powdered Kratom resin to be a lot easier to deal with and having a lot less material to consume is always a benefit.

    While it is a very basic method, there are still a lot of people who ask how to make Kratom resin and people who prefer to use extracts over leaf so this method might be of use to them.

    Some people don't like taking the time to make Kratom tea every time they want to use some, so if they wanted they could take a couple of hours to make a batch of resin or powder that can then be stored and used as needed.

    For this project i used 200 grams of very fresh Green Malaysian Kratom which had already been ground into a very fine powder.

    Having the Kratom powdered as finely as possible will make it easier for the alkaloids to be extracted, but this method works just as well with crushed leaves.

    The Kratom is measured out and put into a cooking pot. When working with large amounts make sure to use a big enough pot so that enough water can be added.

    Before turning the heat on the Dr stirs the Kratom into the water until it is all completely saturated. Sometimes the Kratom can end up floating around or sticking to the bottom in big lumps that don't mix enough with the water and the heat can burn it.

    Once the Kratom seems to have been mixed in well you can add the juice of a lemon or a lime which will help to extract the alkaloids. The Dr does 2 boils so he adds the juice of half a Lemon or lime to each boil.
    Even when making Kratom tea the Dr finds that using some Lemon or lime juice makes a noticeable difference to the strength of the tea.

    As the extract is going to be boiled right down the Lemon or Lime juice will be evaporated anyway so its not going to make too much of a difference to the taste.

    Now the nest step is to get the water boiling so that it and the juice can work its magic.
    The Dr turns the heat right up until the water starts to boil and then he turns it down slightly, not because he is worried about destroying any alkaloids but because you can really make a mess of a kitchen with an over pouring pot of kratom.

    As far as he is aware the temperature does not pose any risk to the alkaloids and this is how he has always done things. If you are worried then you can always simmer the mix, maybe just give it some extra time in that case.

    Keep an eye on the pot at this stage, the water will often rise leaving the kratom powder covering the edges and when the water drops it can start to burn.

    The Dr does not measure out a specific amount of water, he just pours in enough to half fill the pot. Once the Kratom has enough to cover it maybe twice that is plenty. At a guess maybe 2 pints of water were used.

    After letting the kratom water boil for 20 - 30 minutes you can take the pot off the heat and get ready to strain it.

    The Dr pours the contents of the pot into a jug that has a pouring lip. You can let it settle and cool if you want or strain it straight away.
    The Dr likes to strain through a muslin bag, this way most of the powder is kept in the bag and only the liquid passes through. He puts his bag into a pint glass which collects the Tea.
    The water will be very hot now so don't go burning yourself. The Dr uses a rubber washing glove to protect against the heat as he takes hold of the muslin bag and squeezes out as much of the remaining liquid as possible.
    You might want to put a bowl under it to catch the excess liquid as it can spray out quite a bit.

    Now take all the squeezed Kratom powder and return it to the cooking pot, add the second half of the lemon/lime, more water and return it to the boil again to get out any remaining alkaloids.

    Take the Kratom tea from the pint glass/bowl and put it aside, or put it into a second pot and put it on to boil so that the water starts to evaporate.
    When the second boil of the powder is finished after another 20 - 30 minutes take it off the heat and again strain the liquid through a muslin cloth.
    If you don't have a muslin cloth then a t-shirt will work fine.
    If you are using crushed leaf Kratom then it can easily be strained through a sieve.

    The Liquid from the second boil can now be combined with the liquid from the first and the pot can be returned to the heat.
    If it looks like there is still some powder in the liquid when pouring it into the pot then double up the muslin cloth/t-shirt and strain it again.
    You want to have just liquid now and no plant material at all if possible.

    Put the liquid back on the heat and turn the heat right up. This step can take some time depending on how much liquid you have, but be careful to keep an eye on the pot because you don't want to get distracted and return to find that all the liquid has boiled away and the extract has burnt. Trust me when i say it not only smells terrible but its a nightmare to try and clean the pot, Ive seen the Dr scrubbing for hours.

    I should also add that the boiling process can get quite smelly, so if you have an extraction fan turn it on, and open some windows and keep the kitchen door closed.

    Once the liquid has boiled right down and most of the water has evaporated you are going to notice that the Kratom tea becomes very thick like a syrup. At this stage you should turn the heat down because its very easy to burn it.
    Some people prefer to boil out almost all the water while its still in the pot but the Dr has found that its very hard to remove from the pot and he does not feel comfortable scraping it out especially after he once noticed some small silver flakes that were obviously part of the pot in his extract once.

    While it is still hot and liquid enough that it can be poured he likes to transfer it to a cooking dish, he uses a Lasagna dish. The dish can then be put away from the heat and the extract can be left to cool and the extract will start to set.

    He finds that putting the baking dish with the extract into it, into the oven is perfect for removing most of the remaining moisture quickly.
    You can always boil it down completely in the pot, or you can leave it out for a day or two so the excess liquid evaporates naturally but the Dr finds this method fast and easy.

    It only takes a few minutes under a medium heat and the extract is just right for it to be cooled off and then when it has become pretty solid it can be scraped up and collected together.
    At this stage, before it is completely solid, the resin can be compacted together into one big lump, this can be rolled out into a long sausage shape which can then be divided into individual portions or doses.

    Having these resin balls stored is perfect if you want a cup of Kratom tea without the hassle of make one every day. Simply dropping one into a cup of boiling water and a quick stir is all it takes.
    The balls can also be swallowed like capsules.

    If like the Dr however you don't mind the taste of the resin and don't want to wait for your body to dissolve the resin balls or to drink tea then the dried resin can be put into a coffee grinder and turned into a powder.

    It took the Dr about 90 minutes to get to this stage here, which is not a lot of time and he always enjoys making his own extracts anyway so it was time happily spent.

    Grinding up the resin is just another step that he does based on personal taste.
    He finds it almost impossible these days to toss & wash large amounts of powder and even mixing it in juice has become a bit of a struggle, however so far he has no problem at all Tossing back a few grams of the powdered extract.

    2 minutes in the coffee grinder to ensure that all the resin had been powdered and he is left with a nice powdered extract.

    So about an hour and a half to turn 200 grams of powdered Kratom into just under 35 grams of powdered Kratom resin extract.
    The powder can be left to dry even more to ensure that all the moisture has been removed.
    Id make a rough estimate that after any remaining moisture was removed the resulting extract would be about 6X or 6 grams of Powder going into make every 1 gram of extract.
    As for the strength...

    Like most good Resins it should be a lot stronger than the majority of extracts being sold, but of course an extract can only be as good as the Leaf its made from!
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    motivatedbysnow Guest


    THanks for the info, Im gonna try this right now. Will only use about 180g of bali powder, just incase I mess it up. this should make 10g of resin? I think so if I did my math right.. Also, the toss n wash is starting to mess up my stomach. All of that plant matter constantly going through my intestine and colon, not good. thanks again. Will let you know how it works... peace..mbs

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    Dr. Who Guest

    Default Enhanced Kratom Extract

    > the 0pioid effect of the plant Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as Kratom is mostly based on the activity of
    7-hydr0xymitragynine (mitragynine hydr0xyindolenine), an indole.

    > Here is how the scientists extract it from Kratom according to the
    journal of chemistry...

    > Quote... { "Big, young leaves were powdered (165.5 g) and extracted five times with hot methanol.
    The solvent was concentrated under reduced pressure to give a crude extract (53.5 g),
    a part of which was dissolved in 10% aqueous acetic acid (AcOH). The insoluble material was removed by
    filtration through Celite to give the AcOH-insoluble fraction solution (AcOH-insoluble fraction, 50.3 g).
    The aqueous layer was basified with Na2CO3 at 0C and extracted with chloroform (CHCl3).
    The organic layer was washed with water, dried over MgSO4, and then evaporated to give the crude base fraction (2.43 g)" }

    > Here is how those of us who are not professional chemists might go about making an enhanced kratom extract
    with high content of 7-hydr0xymitragynine.

    > A lot of the above solvents/chemicals used can be switched up with more easily available OTC.
    The first crude methanol extractions can be done with ethanol ( 190 proof everclear ). After 5 hot extractions with ethanol 95%+ you'd end up with a ~3x extract if you go by the yields above. Could then extract the goods from the newly formed crude product
    with 5% acetic acid (distilled vinegar) and evaporate to leave a decently pure product. According the the above,
    50.3g wasn't soluble in the acetic acid amongst the 53.5g of crude extract there, so with this I can only assume that
    you'd have roughly 3.2g left after evaporating your acetic acid off. Meaning the basification might not be necessary
    unless higher purity is desired.

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    Wow, thanks @Dr.Who for sharing that! I'm gonna try that after Christmas....too busy right now. I'll be starting with Green Vein Thai. Hope that's a decent choice. It's what I have found to be not necessarily the strongest but the best value for my money.
    Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know ~ Pema Chodron

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    thefoolishsage Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Crypto View Post
    Wow, thanks @Dr.Who for sharing that! I'm gonna try that after Christmas....too busy right now. I'll be starting with Green Vein Thai. Hope that's a decent choice. It's what I have found to be not necessarily the strongest but the best value for my money.
    Hey Crypto, did you ever try this? I've recently become interested in Kratom and an reading everything I can about it. Will certainly be posting somewhere on here after my first experience with it this weekend.

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    @thefoolishsage I forgot all about it. I will need to wait for a day when I am home alone to try. Did you try Kratom and if so how did it work for you? People with low tolerance should find it helpful for mild to moderate pain...roughly equivalent to a 10mg hydr0.
    Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know ~ Pema Chodron

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    thefoolishsage Guest


    Yep, I've tried it out twice so far, with pretty mild but certainly noticeable effect. I'm planning to record my future endeavours in a thread I've created here:

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    Thank you, Doc. However, if I may nitpick: lemon juice is supposed to protect the alkaloids from high heat (of boiling water, for example). However, even with lemon juice, I have found significantly more potent extractions when I do not allow the water to boil. I think that's about the only change I would make to your protocol. Other than that, looks pretty good!

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