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Thread: Questions on Drug Testing

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    Default Questions on Drug Testing

    This may not be the right sub-forum as it crosses a few, but Ill start here. I will most probably have to take a drug test sometime in the near future. It would be the condition for a new job, so I i believe they will just have me schedule it if we can come to an agreement, thus know when it is and probably choose a doctor of my choice. I have scripts for ******* and Xanax, for back pain and stress. Not for continuous use though, so just a small ammount of each that I recently got re-filled so are very current, which I did very purposely. Issue is that I have been taking various stronger opiates (OP, MS etc) and Valium daily for a while. When I take the test, will it be clear that what is in my system is not the ******* and xanax but other opiates and benzos, or should I be good just telling them upfront and having the scripts to back it up? Guess I am trying to find out how exact the test could be, or will it just see opiate and benzo which in theory I should be able to explain. I am also now trying to ease down the useage anyways prior to the test.

    Thanks for any help you can offer and i am hoping I have not screwed up a great opportunity. The stress of this process makes me want to take more valium


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    I see that the opiate I wrote of has been x'ed out. I do not want to cross post to the forum but I am betting you know which basic one I am speaking of.

    thanks again for any help

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    Most standard urine drug screens check for the class of drug only. i.e., Benzos are benzos regardless. Opiates on most drug screens usually show as either codeine or general opiates; meaning that designer drugs like fen***l or sub or moda or many anaesthetics do not show up at all. Coca and amphet metabolites along with pcp are also usually screened for. MS and OP are, I'm 99% sure going to show as opiate positive only. Certainly it will depend on what your future employer wants to screen for as anything can be tested.
    Someone with wider specific experience please jump in here if my information is not up to date.

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    Unless they use a very expensive GC/MS ( gas chromatography/mass spectrometry ) test, they can't tell exactly what drug is in your system, just the class of drug. Most screening tests are Cheap ones, Very Cheap ones ( like immunoassay ) They are sensitive to very minute quantities of a drug but not very specific for it, so a positive result could be due to a related substance, like poppy seeds for opiates or cold pills for speed! the real expensive tests can not only tell what the drug is, but how much you've taken, but since the cost $500 to $1000 they are seldom used!!!

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    @IciestP , generally employers and even most court-ordered drug tests are not blood tests, which are very specific (and VERY expensive), but are the urine screens similar to, or often exactly the exact same ones you can buy @ your local drugstore. The urine screen, as the other posters here stated, will simply show the class of drugs in your system. If you are very concerned, you can purchase several different kinds @ any large drugstore, and inside the box there is a pamphlet that will tell you how long each drug will stay in your system (more or less, we are all different). Also, if you have consumed something you have not been prescribed and you are within days of a urine screen there are websites that sell products that claim to flush unwanted substances from your system. I do not have any personal experience with them, but I have heard from others that they have had varying degrees of success with these products. But from your post, it sounds like you are only consuming classes of meds that you have prescriptions for, so if you are up front with disclosing your prescriptions, and they are using a generic urine screen I think you will be fine. Btw, welcome to OP!

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    Thanks to all of you for your help. I do have some time in front of me to clean out, and went and got the scripts specificaly to be able to explain any discrepancies. My plan is to be upfront so there are no surprises. BTW, I was on the old board for a while, but under a different name.

    Thanks again for everyones help


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    If the company screens all its employees they more than likely have contracted with a local drug monitoring service. All you do is go in, give a specimen, they stick it and send the results to the office. If you go to your GP, it's going to get sent to a lab. I'd try to find out if its a 5 or 10 panel. 5 panel you should be fine, 10 panels often differentiate between opiate and m-phine. If you can go anytime of day, arrive before they close, drink a ton of water and be prepared to void. If you can't perform, the shy bladder routine is a pain in the ass. I've worked in one of these places, you have any questions lmk, cuz I've seen it all.

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    Can you fake getting a cough? Seriously if your doctor gives you some prescription cough medicine you should be fine. Tell them I have a cold and I'm taking some prescription cough medicine at night so I can sleep without waking up, disturbing your spouse, something along those lines. It will almost certainly be a 5 panel. Almost all companies are CHEAP!

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    Getting the scripts was a great idea. However, having back pain or stress could also put you on their DNC list. They could be wary of anything smacking of chronic. If you have not already thought of it, maybe you just had a very recent auto accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry1021 View Post
    Can you fake getting a cough? Seriously if your doctor gives you some prescription cough medicine you should be fine. Tell them I have a cold and I'm taking some prescription cough medicine at night so I can sleep without waking up, disturbing your spouse, something along those lines. It will almost certainly be a 5 panel. Almost all companies are CHEAP!
    If lung sounds are clear in all 5 lobes and the throat is free from inflammation; a patient may have a little difficulty...

    No harm in trying though
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    Interesting PDF I found online.

    A FREE Monthly Newsletter for Substance Abuse and Opioid Treatment
    Programs from San Diego Reference Laboratory
    Benzodiazepines (part 2) - Interpreting Laboratory Results
    It can be very difficult to accurately interpret
    a Benzodiazepines (Benzo) class result. Very
    little data can be determined from a screening
    test alone; in most cases, additional confirmatory
    testing by GC/MS or LC/MS is
    required for accurate interpretation.
    The Benzo class is vast and complicated;
    there are 36 compounds that make up the
    Benzo class. Of those 36, only 20 are approved
    for use in the USA (for detailed list,
    see chart in Part 1 of article). With every
    class screen, there is a target compound. For
    Benzos, the target compound is Oxazepam.
    As a separate example, the target compound
    for the Opiate class is ********. In addition,
    a cutoff level is always referenced.
    Most Benzo screens (either by onsite device
    or laboratory) are validated to Oxazepam at
    300 ng/mL. What this means is that the
    target drug will be detected at 100% of its
    value and at its actual concentration (i.e. a
    300 ng/mL solution of Oxazepam will give
    a positive result at a cutoff of 300 ng/mL).
    On a Benzo class screen, the test can respond
    to the chemical structure that ANY
    of the drugs in the Benzo category have in
    common. The test is designed to indicate a
    positive value in every case where the target
    compound (Oxazepam) is present at the
    defined concentration. This means that all
    true positives must be positive. However,
    due to the complexity of the testing drug
    matrix, and considering all of the biological
    background, some true negative samples will
    result as positive. There can also be medication
    cross reactions. The drug test is designed
    to minimize this false positive, but
    with the requirement that all true positives
    must be positive, a certain amount of these
    false positives are allowed in the screen.
    When reviewing class data, compounds
    other than the target compound may be
    more or less sensitive to the test. The extreme
    examples are Xanax (Alprazolam) and
    Ativan (Lorazepam). A urine concentration
    of 300 ng/ml of Xanax will give a positive
    result with an apparent screening concentration
    of greater than 2500 ng/ml and Ativan
    at 300 ng/mL will be virtually undetectable
    by the same test. Klonopin (Clonazepam) at
    300 ng/mL will generally yield a screening
    value lower than the cutoff level. Many
    treatment programs elect to lower their
    Benzo screening level to 200 ng/mL in efforts
    to capture illicit Klonopin use. This is
    something to take into consideration before
    lowering a cutoff level. A lower cutoff level
    will result in more data, but not all the data
    is useful and can be frustrating.
    With the vast variety of Benzos available,
    both licit and illicit, it is nearly impossible to
    accurately correlate an immunoassay screening
    value back to a single Benzo. It is understood
    within the laboratory community that
    particular medications generally yield screening
    results in a certain range for certain
    medications, but not definitively. For example,
    a patient taking a Lorazepam source is
    not expected to trigger a positive result in
    the screening test; patients taking a Clonazepam
    source may be positive or may be negative
    and generally have a screening value
    around the cutoff level. Patients taking Diazepam
    or Alprazolam are always expected
    to yield a positive result.
    However, where the danger lies is this: a
    screening result of 2250 ng/mL for the Benzodiazepines
    may be from Alprazolam; it
    also may be from a patient taking a combination
    Diazepam and Clonazepam; or it
    could be from Temazepam and Lorazepam.
    Point being, the combinations are endless.
    Interpreting an immunoassay value relies on
    assumptions and generalizations. To definitively
    interpret a Benzo result, a confirmation
    test should be performed to accurately
    identify the individual Benzo analytes present
    and defined concentrations.
    ??? Did You Know ??? Question of the Month
    Question: What is the difference between Amphetamine and
    Methamphetamine? How can I tell which drug was consumed?
    Answer: Amphetamine and Methamphetamine are both stimulants
    of the central nervous system and are similar in many ways,
    although chemically they are different compounds. Amphetamine,
    while potent and potentially addictive, is prescribed to treat specific
    conditions such as ADHD and can be safe if used as directed.
    Methamphetamine, highly addictive itself, is widely considered too
    dangerous to be prescribed. Methamphetamine is the parent drug
    and after consumption a portion metabolizes into Amphetamine. A
    person consuming Methamphetamine would excrete both Methamphetamine
    and Amphetamine in their urine. A positive Amphetamine
    result due to Methamphetamine would only be possible if the
    Methamphetamine result was also positive. A positive Amphetamine
    result alone would only be possible if the person consumed an
    *****codone (i.e. *****codone-containing products such as
    ******* and Lortab) is the most prescribed drug in the
    United States. Over 131 million *****codone prescriptions
    were written in 2010 (a 17% increase since 2006) and more
    than 36 million prescriptions were written in the first quarter
    of 2011, putting it on pace for a 10% year-over-year increase.
    It is estimated that 23.5 million Americans aged 12 and older
    have used *****codone for non-medical purposes in their
    lifetime. With just 4.6% of the world’s population, the U.S.
    consumes 99% of the world’s *****codone. No other
    prescription drug was prescribed more than 100 million times
    in the United States in 2010.
    Volume 2, Issue 4 April, 2012

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    BigRon Guest


    I was on parole for a while and what they tested for where the metabolites that drugs turn into in your body. I had a Valium script at the time and my urinalysis came back positive for nor-diazepam, temazepam, and oxazepam. Those idiots almost sent me back to prison over it.

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    Ive been on probabtion for the last year and when ever test it is an 7-8 ( cant remember how much since ive typically been clean and not worried about it, just got off by the way) panel screening and it will identify each specific drug that you will come up positive on, no other drug influences the outcome expect for what it is actually being tested for, besides methamphetamine as i have heard stories of people using inhalers and coming up dirty for that drug. your best case scenario would be to bring your scripts into the test and try and stay clean from anything else you are not supposed to be taking, 1 week for usually all drugs except marijuana ( which takes 30 days in a healthy body) and be careful with alcohol as they now have 48 hour tests for them

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    This has nothing to do with work, but after I had my daughter last year they sent me home with a script for 60 norcos. Then 2 days later I got really sick and was hospitalized for a month. Well anyway them giving me blood tests they found something in my blood that was coming up positive. They were accusing me of being an addict and taking pcp. I couldn't believe it. So they social workers coming in asking me all the questions about being on heavy narcotics. I basically just said I just had a baby 2 days ago but in so many words and I wouldn't answer there questions. I was sick as a dog never took meds while I was pregnant. Just so unbelievable...I just told them maybe it's the norcos that I've been taking for pain. Just wanted to share that because I've never done pcp ever.

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    I went for a drug test and the nurse straight up told me as long as I disclosed that I was on a narcotic pain med when the urine was collected they didnt take it any further when it shows a positive for opiots and reply to your hiring source as a pass. However if you dont disclose and come up positive they then require a script or Doctor authorization before they will tell your hiring source all is clean and a pass. Take my info as you want, my advice is to always tell them first!

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    I took end0c0dIL right before a DT and popped for Subox. I didn't know that was in the med. I took, so I lost my PM script I ordered some strips and I am going to test the meds myself. Thoughts?

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